Music Magpie

Music Magpie – Sell Your Old CDs, Blu-Rays, DVDs and Games for Cash at Music Magpie

Music Magpie is one of the first websites in the UK that allows you to instantly sell your old CDs, DVDs, PC and console games in return for cash payments. They originally launched as an easy and hassle free way to for people to turn their old CDs into cash so they didn’t have to be thrown in the bin. Within a the last couple of years they have expanded to include DVDs, Games and most recently Blu-Rays. They are used by thousands of people every day and to date have paid out millions of pounds to their users.

How It Works

Simply follow these steps to start earning cash quickly and easily at Music Magpie:

  1. Visit the Music Magpie website
  2. Enter the barcode number off the CD, DVD or game you want to sell. (If there is a sticker over the original barcode then remove it and type in the barcode underneath.)
  3. On the following screen you will be quoted a price for your unwanted disc. If you are happy with the price you can complete the trade or repeat the process above to add more discs to your basket. In order to complete the trade you must sell a minimum of 10 or a maximum of 500 discs, this is due to the cost of the postage.
    If you are selling more than 100 discs you can request a free courier collection.
  4. Next you must complete the checkout process and register your details. Once this is complete you must either print your own label or request a pack that will be sent through the post.
  5. Send your discs in using the free-post address provided. If you are sending in a lot of CDs, DVDs and games its recommenced that you use Royal Mail recorded or special delivery.
  6. Once your unwanted discs have been received they will be checked and processed and your cheque sent out within 2 days.

Any CDs, DVDs and Games you send in will be reused if possible or if not they will be recycled correctly.

Start selling your old CDs, DVDs and Games at Music Magpie here